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32 products

All Apogee Instruments products are sourced through our official partnership with their New Zealand distributor Scott Tech, any items in stock locally will be sent day upon payment clearance with NZ Post and any items not in stock will be sourced from upon payment clearance with delivery expected to take 2-3 weeks. Please contact us direct if you would like to know stock levels and/or delivery times for your order.

Research grade measurement of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), ePAR, PPF, and PPFD

Apogee Instruments Quantum sensors are a trusted standard for measuring photosynthetically active radiation by agricultural professionals all over the world. We offer four types of quantum sensors; the Full Spectrum (blue head), the Original (black head), the ePAR (silver head), and a Quantum Light Pollution Sensor (silver head).


Our Full-spectrum Quantum Sensors feature an advanced optical detector that provide high-accuracy PAR measurements (400-700 nm) under all light sources, including all modern colored LEDs. Our Original Quantum Sensors feature a less expensive optical detector that is excellent for measuring broadband light sources, but less accurate when measuring certain LED colors.


Apogee's new 400-750 nm Extended Photosynthetically Active Radiation (ePAR) sensor is designed for making total photon flux intensity measurements of wider ranges than traditional PAR. Our new Quantum Light-Pollution Sensors are highly sensitive to detect low-level stray photons in the 340-1040 nm range that can disrupt plant dark periods in sensitive plants. Apogee also offers a variety of meters and packages to measure daily light integral (DLI).