Commercial, Research, Wholesale and Medical Sales

We offer generous discounts for volume orders, contact us for a no obligation quote when you are looking to outfit your next facility, we will work with you to get an understanding of your needs and tailor a bespoke quotation for your review.

Facility design

White Cloud Horticulture's mission is to improve the quality of your crops, increase your production and reduce your total investment, to support this we offer a facility lighting design service where we have a conversation about what you want to achieve and your requirements after this we will go away and conduct any required research and develop a solution based upon the latest scientific advances in horticulture and lighting that will not only meet your objectives but also reduce your total cost of investment.

Medicinal Cannabis

We are only able to provide information and advice on our horticultural solutions for medical marijuana to persons and companies within New Zealand who are licensed or in the process of obtaining a license. We will require a declaration to this effect before we can disclose information for any persons or companies within New Zealand.

White Cloud Horticulture strongly supports medical cannabis, we are currently a start-up exhibitor/sponsor at MedCann 2022, our team is constantly upskilling in the latest light science to improve production and quality; having attended the virtual Horticann conference in 2021 as well as studying towards the The Science and Technology of Medical Cannabis Cultivation certificate through Utah State University's Crop Physiology Laboratory. I firmly believe that to not constantly upskill is to fall behind. Partnering with Utah State University gives White Cloud Horticulture access to world leading education at one of the worlds premier cannabis research universities and ensures we can constantly give the best advice possible to our customers, increasing yields and quality whilst reducing crops. 

White Cloud Horticulture's mission is to provide reliable lighting solutions that reduce cost and increase yield and quality, no matter if you are a small operator or one of the big boys we can develop a custom solution that will enable you to get the most value out of your crops.

We are happy to and capable of working with companies and individuals outside of New Zealand to deliver solutions across the globe backed by world class customer service and warranty assistance at a fair price, Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.