400W LM301B Commercial Vegetative Grow Light

400W LM301B Commercial Vegetative Grow Light

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Our commercial lights are designed for intensive indoor plant factories as well as scientific research and medical crop production. Our founder is currently a remote student of the Utah State University, taking expert direction from professor Bruce Bugbee, a world renowned plant biologist. These lights all come with 5 year warranties to ensure your return on investment.

All lights feature IP65 + ratings for operation in damp environments and we have solutions for complete indoor operations as well as greenhouses.
Utilizing only the best LED's from market leaders Samsung paired with highly efficient supplemental diodes from Lumileds we create these lights with Performance, Controllability, Reliability and Total Cost of Ownership in mind making them the ideal choice for your next facility upgrade.
We pair them with LED drivers from Inventronics (one of the big two in the industry, the other one being Meanwell) these ensure long lifespans and incredible reliability.
In addition to this our commercial lights all come with RJ14 network + manual dimming as standard and can be paired with dual channel drivers for use with add on UV+IR bars for the ultimate automated solution.

We can customize the diodes used or the spectrum needed upon request, as standard these lights come with 3500k(full spectrum) off the shelf but we are always happy to work with companies on custom solutions.

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