850W LM301B High Efficiency Commercial LED Grow Light

850W LM301B High Efficiency Commercial LED Grow Light

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Real Power Draw 850w
HID Equivalent 

LED TCO# $6,825.50

Full Spectrum

Samsung LM301B + Osram 660nm
Ingress Protection
5 Years
Mounting height
45cm Flower | 60cm Vegetative
*Mounting heigh depends on Co2 and Heat



  • High Energy Efficiency with 2.8 umol/J
  • Full Spectrum
  • 850w Power Consumption 
  • Adjustable Hangers Included
  • Light Coverage: 6ft x 6ft (Veg), 5ft x 5ft (Flowering)
  • Samsung LM301H Diodes @ 3000k + 5000k
  • Osram Diodes @ x 660nm
  • Dimensions: W119cm x D110cm
  • 5-year warranty
  • Weight: 19kg


With 2.25sqm coverage, the WCH-850B is perfect for anyone using a 1.5cm x 1.5cm grow tent. 

Using the latest in LED grow light innovation, White Cloud Horticultures newest series, WCH-850B, has been uniquely designed in New Zealand to give growers the chance to reach new heights. This model combines a high saturation of LedStar with the Samsung LM301H diodes to create the maximum photosynthetic reaction in your plants. 

White Cloud Horticulture aims to sell only the best LED grow lights online. We have limited availability of the White Cloud Horticulture WCH-650H for sale, so if you’re looking for an energy efficient, low heat output light, hurry before stock runs out. 

The WCH-850B only consumes a total of 850w meaning your power bills can stay low. But, thanks to the sleek design of the indoor grow light, and the wider panel size, light can be evenly distributed across a larger growth space. 

These indoor LED grow lights are uniquely designed to offer full, dimmable controls so that you can match the optimum atmosphere your plant needs at each stage of its lifecycle. You can reduce the intensity of the light during the initial vegetative stages, while increasing the brightness during the flower phase. 

What’s more, to produce high yields with little disruption to your everyday life, the WCH-850B series uses a passive cooling design which works silently compared to traditional fan-cooled lights. This special design means your light can run at optimal temperature and has a much lower heat output.

Tip: In order to benefit most from this LED grow light’s efficiency, reduce the intensity during the vegetive stage and increase it towards the end of the flowering stage.


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