650W High Efficiency Full Spectrum LED Grow light

650W High Efficiency Full Spectrum LED Grow light

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Real Power Draw 650w
HID Equivalent 

LED TCO# $5,219.50

Full Spectrum

Samsung LM301H + LM351H
Ingress Protection
3 Years
Mounting height
45cm Flower | 60cm Vegetative


Our quantum panel extremes are designed to be at the bleeding edge of LED grow light technology, designed for growing plants indoors these use over double the LED diodes that our standard home user boards do, this allows us to push the very edge of LED efficiency as well as increasing there lifespan to over 100,000 hours!

These boards all come with a CCT of 3500k as standard which is considered full spectrum for all stages of plant growth from seedling or clone right through to flower and harvest. In addition to genuine Samsung LM301H diodes these boards also utilize Samsung LM351H deep red and infrared(IR) diodes (660 and 730nm). This particular combination of spectrums creates what is known as the Emmerson effect, this supercharges plant growth and efficiency and is based on current leading edge light science and plant biology.

In addition to the standard features we have included RJ11 network + manual dimming, enabling you to use a master light controller to turn on/off up to 100 lights in two groups of 50 at pre-set times and if that wasn't enough we've included sunset functionality to slowly "warm up" and "shut down" the lights by dimming them gradually up/down until on/off which replicates what happens in nature and prevents plant shock.

Our quantum panel extremes all come with standard warranties of 3 years.

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